When your doctor says, "there is nothing you can do."

I have to share this because it is so exciting and affirming!

My dear friend has been emotionally and financially stressed over the past 8 months after receiving news from a doctor that she had a fibroid or a polyp(he couldn't tell from the scan). Having been told that there was a chance it could be cancerous and there were no steps she could take to prevent the mass from growing, he told her to schedule a follow up appointment a few months out for reevaluation. At that time he would have a better understanding of what it was, a fibroid or polyp and whether or not surgery was required.

Being a firm believer in holistic healing and the bodies ability to heal itself, she decided to ignore the doctor, who had stated there was NOTHING she could do, and started to immediately take her healing into her own hands. Through her research she found an incredibly powerful herbal blend, scientifically proven to dissolve endomitriosis and started doing castor oil packs religiously.

When she went back for her appointment 8 months later she was hopeful that the growth would have stayed the same size so as not to require surgery. To her absolute DELIGHT, 8 months later, last week when she went in for her follow up, the scan showed no signs of anything! No fibroid, no polyp, nothing. He was astonished. In his years of practice he has seen a mass disappear by "itself" in less than 1% of all cases. She asked him if he wanted to know what she did over the past 8 months. He grabbed a pen and paper and took notes so he could share her information with his current and future patients!

I share this as a reminder that there are alternatives to conventional medicine. You have to be your own advocate when it comes to your health and your body and if you need help navigating alternative, safe options there is a movement of holistic practitioners who can help!