Cilantro & Heavy Metals

I have spent the majority of my life (until now) avoiding cilantro like the plague and research shows that I'm not alone. Having an aversion to this green herb commonly found in asian and latin foods might actually be determined by your genes! 

Adored chef, Julia Child answered the question of what she would do if cilantro were found on her plate.  "I would pick it out ... and throw it on the floor."

Recently I discovered that the dark leafy green that was commonly found in the soup prepared by my boyfriend's mom was, CILANTRO. EEK, how could that be? The herb that I have managed to avoid and push aside for years was something that I actually liked?! 

It turns out, which I discovered through experience that once cilantro has been boiled, it loses its flavor. This is AMAZING news for someone like myself. Why? Because cilantro is one of the best herbs to incorporate into your diet for chelating metals, pesticides and other toxins.

In the world that we live in today where we are constantly coming into contact with poisons through the food we eat, the air we breathe and the products we buy, it is of utmost importance to support the body's systems in expelling these toxins from the body.

Cilantro is such an effective detoxifier that it has even been studied for its effects on being able to absorb heavy metals out of unfiltered water! 

Whether you know you have metal toxicity or an abundance of pesticides in the body, try adding cilantro into the diet, it can have an incredible impact on your overall health!