Over the counter medicine Vs. Elderberries

I rarely ever get sick.

I attribute it to the fact that I'm constantly eating and living in a way that keeps my immune system strong. During the winter months when everyone is staying home sick from work and popping over the counter medicine, I am left totally unaffected by viral and bacterial infections.  However last week, seemingly out of nowhere I got hit with a cold, a BAD one. Considering that my boyfriend and I were in Miami for the Latin Billboard Awards where we had later nights than normal, broke our diet a few times and probably had more sugar than normal, my system wasn't able to ward of the little invaders that have been plaguing me for almost a week!

So, what are your safest and healthiest options for dealing with the nasty symptoms of a cold or a flu? Go NATURAL!

The best case scenario is to avoid getting sick in the first place by keeping your sugar intake low, eating a whole foods diet and making sure you get plenty of rest. If you do get sick though there are plenty of wonderful and effective options for you that don't include spending lots of money or overloading your body with chemicals, dyes and fillers from over the counter medication. 

I skipped out on any Tylenol, Advil, DayQuil, or Nightquil and opted for the herbs that I had  stored around my house and you could absolutely do the same the next time you are feeling under the weather. The majority of medication has some type of plant derivative and often times big pharma is trying to mimic the effects of a plant when they create their medication, so why not just get right to the source and forget about the middle man?

Elderberries Galore! 

Elderberries have been used for centuries as a source of healing.  In 1644 a book was translated from Latin to English and the 230+ pages go into great depth about all the uses and benefits of these small, dark and full bodied berries. Use elderberries as prevention or at the onset of symptoms which will reduce the duration of your cold/flu. Optimal health starts with a close connection to the earth not a man made version of it. Choosing your medicine in the same way that you choose your organic, healthy, non processed foods is an area worthy of further exploration.

If you have questions about herbs and how you can start incorporating them into your life. Connect with me through my contact page!

To health!