Yoga is for YOU!

Yoga is NOT what you think it is

Okay, well maybe it is, but maybe it isn't. Yoga is not for any specific type of person. It's not only for people who are flexible and can wrap their legs around their heads. It defies all boundaries because it opens you up to the limitless possibilities that exist all around us.

Yoga comes in many different forms and styles and one of the greatest reasons to work one on one with a teacher is because each class is designed specifically for you and what you need and want.

Walking into a studio can be intimidating. It can also be unfulfilling if what you wanted to work on didn't happen in class. If you are dealing with an overload of stress and wanted to address that in class but the teacher focused on something else, you might feel more agitated than when you walked in.

Learn to let go and flow-Schedule a yoga session

I am currently taking new yoga students and thrive from being able to guide, teach and support my students around not only physical conditions that can benefit from yoga, but also emotional and mental conflicts.

Emotions and past experiences get locked into the body if they aren't properly released. Yoga can help you not only become more flexible, increase your strength and tone, but also let go of past traumas, emotional blocks and much more.

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