Could your garden weeds be more than just a nuisance?

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a friend's BBQ just outside of NYC. Her garden was like a magical paradise, set 45 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city but feels like it could be nestled in the woods, hours away from civilization. Tall trees give shade to the backyard, making her hammock a nice place to rest, while looking over a small stream. fire pit and of course an herb garden. This is like a tiny sliver of heaven on earth.

As part of the community, she has access to a garden. We strolled over there as I was eager to see it. Slowly walking, taking in the fresh air and appreciating the fact that we could walk in the middle of the street with almost no cars passing us by. When we descended down to her plot of land she started pointing out all of the vegetables her and her husband had planted. Beautiful plants growing, all with the prospect of filling their bellies with healthy meals in the near future. 

Luckily, I was there to share the knowledge that not only was her garden filled with intentional plants but the unintentional plants (weeds) she was planning on getting rid of the following day were chalk full of health benefits! Growing abundantly was yellow dock, plantain, dandelion and mugwort! As someone who just found out that her iron levels were low, she didn't even realize that a traditional wise women remedy was growing in her very own garden!

For those of you gardening this summer, pay close attention to the plants you so often think of as weeds. If the plants grow wildly and come back every season with out you giving them attention, there may be a reason why. Take note of what they look like and see if you can identify what beneficial weeds might be offering themselves to you. Many common "weeds" can be used for teas, added flavor in food and tinctured into liquid remedies for a variety of health complaints.

If you have questions feel free to snap photos and share them with me!