Pack your bags and let adventure lead you!

This past weekend, I packed the car and headed out to Montauk, a beautiful beach town. It's a quick getaway for the typically overworked New Yorker. Montauk offers stunning stretches of beaches, a small downtown strip with cute boutiques, lobster and crab spots, and of course, fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are feeling run down and need a quick break from your daily routine, check out areas close to you where you might be able to escape for the day or for the weekend. Even if you don't have an entire weekend to spend, you can always reap the benefits of spending even just a few hours in the outdoors. Gardens, parks and waterfronts are perfect solutions for those of us who don't have the time or means to head too far from home.

Where are you going this summer? How do you create time for yourself to relax during the summer?