Designed specifically for your unique body + needs + goals

I offer a variety of services and draw from the tools I have to create the most effective programs possible to ensure you get the results you want and deserve. 

What happens in a coaching program

Once you e-mail me, I will send you an intake form which you will fill out and send back to me before we have our first session. We will schedule a time to talk by phone so we can both get clear on where you've been stuck and what your goals are. Don't worry, you may not have those answers yet, but we will uncover them as we work together. 

After our initial phone consultation I will spend time creating a comprehensive program designed to address your health and lifestyle concerns using various holistic approaches to achieving balance.  The length of the program will be determined by numerous factors such as the length of time you have been dealing with your specific issues, your timeframe and your goals. 

Once your unique program is designed I will share that with you, get your feedback and we will schedule the first session of your program.

Sessions are weekly for the first three weeks and then depending on your needs become bi-weekly. 

Some benefits of working with your own health coach

  • learn how to change old patterns and beliefs

  • create new routines that support your goals

  • understand what the best foods for your body are

  • learn what specific food cravings are telling you

  • gain confidence in the kitchen and in life

  • create rituals that nurture your soul, motivate you and keep you inspired

  • overall improvement in mood, sleep, weight, etc without the need for medication

  • reduce common health complaints

  • lose weight, tone and increase flexibility, safely

  • become a label reader to avoid tricky packaging ploys targeted at keeping us unhealthy

  • understand the meaning of food as medicine

  • experiment with safe, effective herbal medicine

  • Work with a compassionate support person as you create new habits and transform your health. avoid the confusion from the media, internet and peers and consult your own coach

  • And much, much, more!

Schedule a 15-minute session so we can get the conversation started. There's no obligation and it's totally free!