Learn about healing herbs and how to incorporate them into your life. 


Join Sacramento Women's Herbalism Meetup!


We are a group of over 100 women dedicated to understanding how the plant world around us can help us thrive, heal and transform our everyday life from something good into something great. Herbalism is an ancient practice which is still used amongst 80% of the world's population as part of their healthcare. Gather with us to learn about the ease in which healing plants and herbs can become part of your daily ritual.


Join Gillian as she takes new herbalists on plant walks around Sacramento to discover medicinal weeds growing in and around the city streets, dives into medicine making, uncovers healing plants for emotional/physical health and teaches the basics so everyone can start on their herbal journey today. 

Interested in learning more? Inquire below to receive more information on herbal consultations and plant based classes available.

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