I work with people daily who seek holistic solutions to their health concerns and feel lost amongst our conventional medical system. As the majority of people are on medication for one issue or another, conventional medicine fails to recognize that there are oftentimes much safer, effective options available to us. Plants and food have been used as medicine since the beginning of time. Perhaps you know in your heart that the third most profitable industry in the world (the pharmaceutical business) is invested in keeping you dependent on their medication. Perhaps you know that our bodies were designed to heal themselves. 

Herbalism Offerings

Herbal Consultation - In this 75 minute session we will gain a thorough understanding of where you are in your life mentally, spiritually and physically, how to get to where you would like to be, and how plant medicine can best serve you in reaching your optimal health. Often times clients are dealing with health concerns such as PMS, low energy, anxiety, thyroid issues, diabetes, acid reflux, etc and seek natural ways to regain control in their life. This session will provide an in depth understanding of how to get from where you are to where you would like to be. Upon completion of our session I will provide you with a suggested protocol addressing your concerns which will be used as a roadmap on your journey of healing. Suggestions for health and healing may include a modification of diet, exercise, breath work, meditation and herbalism.  $125 for 75 minutes

*Note: Cost of herbs are not included in this session

*Unique blends will be crafted for clients after protocols are designed. 

Follow Up Appointments are designed as a check in around your progress. We will revisit previous sessions and see what areas need to be adjusted in order to best support you and your continual growth. During follow ups, I will modify prior protocols where necessary and if need to be, introduce new herbal remedies to best serve you. $90 for 45 minutes

Herbal Medicine to purchase herbs for specific health needs, click on my Apothecary link or order from etsy.com/shop/gillianmeliaherbals.