Whole Foods Nutrition Session


Whole Foods Nutrition Session


Why try out a plant based diet? ---->>  It's not just the cool thing to do, it's good for you!

Making a change to our diet is one that is often charged with emotions and sometimes reluctance but when you notice yourself having more energy, feeling happier, and slimming down it's easier to embrace the new! 

Plant based diets are proven to prevent many health concerns such as:

Heart disease




Whether you are looking to transition into a plant based diet or are already a practicing vegan, working together to go over your current diet, lifestyle and current health will give you a clear roadmap of how to get from point A to point B. 

Scientific research finds that reducing our consumption of common animal based foods like meat and dairy while increasing foods rich in phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and healthy protein can slow down and even reverse disease that is otherwise said to be only treatable by medication. 

What Does A Session Look Like?

This plant based session is all about you! Finding a balance of what you are currently eating and how we can implement healthier changes. Perhaps giving up animal products 100% doesn't feel manageable to you right now, that's okay! We will address your wants and needs and figure out how to best incorporate new strategies supporting you on your journey of health. If you are ready to go cold turkey and jump right in with both feet, we can do that too. Working together will help make this transition as smooth as possible as well as enjoyable!

Sessions are 75 minutes ($80) and include:

In depth health history and review of current lifestyle and diet

Education to understand new food choices, healthier options for meals and alternatives to foods that you may want to transition away from 


Meal ideas

Food log

Health goals sheet

A clear understanding of what to eat, what to avoid and how to make it enjoyable

One 15 minute follow up call for support and to check in once you've started your new healthy eating plan

*Follow up sessions after your initial session are $50

Plant Based Sessions will be done by phone, skype or in person depending on location.


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