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As my health coach, and operating virtually Gillian is PHENOMENAL. She is kind, compassionate, attentive and knowledgeable in so many areas and really holds me accountable on my nutrition and fitness goals (most recently, yoga, curbing cravings and staying true to my ethics in terms of foods). She has also helped me in times of career and parenting stress, learning to better manage my time and emotions when everything feels out of control. I've been really excited for her kickboxing gym as I am lucky enough to be in California every 3 months for business so it will be a nice release during my week. I can't wait to try it! 

-Erica Hayes, MSW, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Behavioral Health Coach


Working with Gillian on my diet needs was an awesome and eye opening experience for me. I was under the impression that what I had been eating before we started working together was good for me, but when we took another look there were lots of things that were keeping me from seeing the results I wanted in the gym. She made it very easy and gave me all the tools I needed to complete my 10 pound weight loss in just 6 weeks.    

-Justine Hidalgo. Brooklyn, NY. Fitness enthusiast


Gillian is an extraordinary person and working with her has been a joy. She is so knowledgable about herbs, nutrition, fitness and healthy living and presents this information in a fun, easy to implement way. I always felt completely supported and encouraged by her to be my healthiest, best self. I went to Gillian initially, concerned because I didn’t have a menstrual cycle for months and was fighting hormonal acne. With her guidance, I was able to reset my hormones and create a healthy female body with glowing skin!                    

 -Phoebe. Arizona. LMT, Certified Health Coach


Gillian's Super Woman blend helps me feel extra connected to my body and my health! Knowing that I am getting all the essential nutrients I need to start my day helps me feel on top of the world. When I take it regularly I can feel a difference in more than just my body but in the clarity of my mind and the alignment of my subtle energies. Thank you Gillian for creating such a great support for my natural rhythms!                                        -Sayulita Weisz. Sebastopol, CA. Consultant & Therapist




Gillian makes herbs and plant medicine accessible to everyone. She is very approachable, knowledgable and intuitive while taking the intimidation factor and any stigma out of herbal medicine.** She reminds us that it is a normal, natural, simply fundamental and very effective modality. I have enjoyed her teas and tinctures and how down to earth and relatable she and her whole approach are.                              

 - Annette. Staten Island, NY